We have many stories of hardship and triumph. The joy in our hearts comes from being able to help others through the support of generous donors like you. You make it possible for us to provide a better future for those who are often without hope.

Gifts of all sizes Provide Help

Whether you can give a one-time donation, monthly, quarterly or annually, no donation is too small.

Here’s how you can Create Hope 

$5 buys laundry detergent and personal needs items offering our neighbors dignity

$25 buys a set of sheets or a blanket for basic comforts we often take for granted

$50 provides 7 to 10 trips to essential medical appointments for seniors and veterans

$100 provides clothes and presents to a child in foster care at Christmas

$250 funds Expressive Arts/Horse therapy for a foster child

$500 helps save a marriage through counseling

$750 helps a mom overcome depression

$1,000 helps a teen overcome substance abuse

$1,800 provides 2 semesters of safe housing for a homeless teenager

$2,000 helps a child become a survivor of sexual abuse

$2,500 funds a substance abuse support group


Please consider:

Offering a tribute to a loved one or friend

Your gift can be shared!

Your donation can be made in honor of anniversaries, holidays, special occasions and special people in your life or in memory of family members and friends.

Join our giving society

Noted for her compassion toward the poor and suffering, Mother Teresa (1910-1997)—a Roman Catholic nun and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize—served the sick and destitute of India and the world for nearly 50 years.  For committed donor’s that wish to declare themselves part of our family, by making a five-year commitment of $500 or more they become part of the Blessed Mother Teresa Giving Society.  Today, more than ever, we recognize the importance of our Blessed Mother Teresa Society Members. We know they understand our mission to help those in need, and thanks to their most generous donations, they are our most important supporters.


Planned giving

Q:  What is Planned Giving?
A: Planned giving is a way to make a gift to Catholic Charities of Jackson, Lenawee and Hillsdale Counties through thoughtful estate planning. A planned gift as part of an overall estate plan takes your needs as well as the needs of your loved ones into consideration, while helping support a cause or a charity that is personally meaningful to you.

Q: How can I make a planned gift to Catholic Charities of Jackson, Lenawee and Hillsdale Counties?
The most common gift is made by an outright gift of cash. Another way of making a planned gift is by designating Catholic Charities of Jackson, Lenawee and Hillsdale Counties as a beneficiary in your will. Other options are designating the agency as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy. There are also other, more complex ways of setting up a planned gift. Your attorney or financial planner may have suggestions that are best suited to your unique needs.

Q: How do I benefit from a planned gift?
A planned gift may enable you to make a much more significant contribution than you may have thought possible. It can create opportunities to support your favorite charity or program in a very impactful way.

Q: How do my family and other loved ones benefit?
A planned gift can create potential savings on capital gains taxes or estate taxes, lessening the financial burden on your family and loved ones. For instance, a planned gift can reduce your estate tax liability. The assets that you transfer to Catholic Charities of Jackson, Lenawee and Hillsdale Counties remain outside of your taxable estate.

Q: How does Catholic Charities benefit from a planned gift?
Your gift can make a significant impact on Catholic Charities of Jackson, Lenawee and Hillsdale Counties now and/or in the future. You also have the option to direct your gift to support a specific county or program of the agency, such Foster Care & Adoption, Counseling, or the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program. Our development staff can assist you with the designation, and provide information about the agency and programs you would like to support.

Q: Why Catholic Charities
A: Catholic Charities of Jackson, Lenawee and Hillsdale Counties has served the people of south central Michigan for over 50 years. Our mission is the work of the Catholic Church, to share the love of Christ by performing the corporal and spiritual work of mercy. We are governed by the Bishop of the Lansing Dioceses and a board of volunteer community leaders from business and industry. Donations are used effectively to directly benefit people in need in our community.

Including Catholic Charities of Jackson, Lenawee and Hillsdale Counties in your estate planning through Planned Giving is a tax-wise gift, helping Catholic Charities with our goal to make Jackson, Lenawee and Hillsdale counties healthier, more compassionate communities by empowering individuals with the capacity and the desire to improve their quality of life.

Contributing through the local Community Foundation

Provide a Legacy Gift

Do you want to ensure your annual financial support will continue giving on forever?

Endowment Fund

For donors interested in leaving a legacy and providing for the long-term future of our organization you may choose to direct your gift to the Catholic Charities nonprofit endowment fund at the Lenawee Community Foundation.

Catholic Charities of Jackson, Lenawee, and Hillsdale Counties has been fortunate to have received a substantial contribution in the past that established an independent, professionally-managed nonprofit endowment fund on our behalf at the Lenawee Community Foundation.

An endowment is a fund that is restricted. Only the interest from the fund can be spent, not the principal that anchors the endowment.  Annual interest from a permanent endowment fund is like a lifeline for nonprofit organizations as well as good stewardship that will help ensure our organization will be able to continue doing good in our community for many years to come.

Your endowed gift to this fund may come through estates, charitable remainder trusts or contributions. You  may also establish a separate designated endowment that benefits our organization.  The Lenawee Community Foundation can assist you in setting up this type of fund.

The more that is contributed to this endowment, the more we are assured that our 58-year legacy of providing help and creating hope for the ignored and neglected in our community will continue unrelenting as your legacy.  Your legacy gift can become their hope.

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